The initiator of HEPTAPOLIS and his work…

  • Painter – Hagiographer – Interior Decorator – Sculptor
  • Scholar – Poet
  • Music composer – Producer of historical and cultural documentaries – Host of philosophical TV programs
  • Advertiser – Entrepreneur
  • Author – Script writer
  • Architect – City planner, Originator of HEPTAPOLIS, “The Polis of the Golden Section”, “Delphic Amphictyony” and Aether Mall e-shop

Paul Pissanos showed his talent in painting and sculpture from a very young age.

At the age of 14 he made the face of his mother in plasticine and the likeness of the artifact with the real person amazed his Arts teacher.

In the summer of 1956 he worked with the group of hagiographers of Stefanos Asmanis at Prophitis Helias Church in Pagrati, Athens, while in the summer of 1957, after graduating from Kalpaka High School, he worked with hagiographer Cleovoulos Clonis in Epidaurus, designing the scenery for Euripides’ plays.

During this period Paul Pissanos worked also as a painter and a portraitist, painting the faces of actors on the marquee of movie theaters of Athens.

The executives of “Damaskinos-Michaelidis” film production company appreciated his talent and asked him to work for them on a steady basis designing posters for the publicity campaigns of Greek and foreign films in newspapers and magazines.

At about that time Paul Pissanos opened his first office at 96 Academias Street and hired four painters and designers for the publicity campaigns of many Greek films.

The sign “Pissanos” is still standing on the façade of the fourth floor of the 96 Academias St. building, a gesture of honor for Paul Pissanos.


Since his childhood and until the age of 25, Paul Pissanos used to write, in moments of inspiration, poems, some of which were published in a collection under the title “Over and under the earth”.

Antonios Pissanos, Paul Pissanos’ beloved uncle, a scholar and psychoanalyst and Angelos Tanagras, a psychophysiologist, characterized some of Paul’s poems as masterpieces of Greek poetry.


From 1957 until 1988 Paul Pissanos worked at first as an advertiser and later as a producer of TV programs, employing scores of technicians, broadcasters and actors for the daily programs and serials shown by ΥΕΝΕΔ and ΕΡΤ channels.

The biggest names of Greek film industry worked with great enthusiasm for the TV productions of Paul Pissanos: Alecos Sakelarios, Vasilis Georgiadis, Manos Katrakis, Aliki Vougiouclaki, Rika Dialyna, Takis Vougiouclakis, Maria Alkaiou, Anna Kalouta, Giorgos Constantinou, Grigoris Grigoriou, Photis Metaxopoulos, Alecos Alexandrakis, Olga Politou and many others.

In 1973 Paul started the international production of the serial “OCCUPATION”.

Stars, the big names of the time: Kurt Jurgens, Maria Shell, Claus Kinski, Thomas Hunter, Christine Kaufman, Giorgos Fountas and many other Greek and foreign famous actors.

The music for “OCCUPATION” was composed by Manos Hadjidakis, who at that time lived self-exiled in London. Paul Pissanos persuaded him to come back in Athens and co-operate with him.

The Ioannidis regime imposed the discontinuation of the production, confiscated all the materials and tapes of the serial and when, after 12 years of legal battles, ΕΡΤ was made to give Paul Pissanos back the master films from the shootings of OCCUPATION, most of them had been lost.

Despite his financial difficulties, Paul Pissanos went on with his creative work and started studios for radio station and TV channel “OLYMPOS”. The radio station operated for five years broadcasting Greek programs of cultural, literary and philosophical context. The TV channel operated for one year.


From 1988 Paul Pissanos participated in the international MIP TV and MIP COM Digital Content Markets in Cannes with his own productions on Science, ancient Greek History, Archaeology, Philosophy and Culture.

Twice a year, for 22 years, Paul Pissanos with his wife Carolina always with him, participates with great success in the difficult and demanding market of Cannes, creating contacts with international TV Channels such as History Channel, National Geographic and others, selling his subtitled productions in many languages.

Apart from the TV Channels, thousands of DVDs of Paul Pissanos’ productions have been sold to the markets of the world.

In 2010, when Carolina was diagnosed with demyelinating disease, the couple stopped participating in the market of Cannes.


When Paul learned of the financial obligations concerning the royalties of his films and documentaries sold all over the world, he decided to undertake the music composing, the script writing and the direction of all his films himself, to avoid the huge financial cost of royalties to other people.

He has composed more than 30 hours of music which he orchestrated with Giorgos Theodosiadis, the distinguished music composer and a friend of his, and wrote the scripts of all his films which, at a later time, he directed and edited himself.

All the royalties of all the works of Paul Pissanos belong exclusively to him.


Besides the scripts of the scientific, historical and philosophical films, Paul Pissanos has written tens of books, the most important of which are:


An analysis of the exhortation of an old man to the youths of all times.


The life and activity of a young Greek partisan who fights in World War I and the Balkan Wars, he experiences the uprooting of Greeks from Smyrna in 1922 and is faced with the Nazis of Third Reich during World War II. The National History of Greece in the last 150 years, through the adventurous life of a genuine Greek (Unpublished).


A Scientific and Philosophical debate on the Big Bang Theory and the associative relationship of the Philosophy of Science with the Science of the Divine


Philosophical views and scientific analysis of current issues of everyday life.


A peregrination to the rocks of Meteora with references to the historical, theological and functional value of the Monasteries and monastic life.

  • DEUCALION’S DELUGE (Unpublished)

The ontological Genealogy of Hellenes according to the archetypes and the ancient Greek myths.


The revolutionary principles of Quantum Physics in the harmonious cohesion of Microcosm and Macrocosm and the scientific proof of the Creation of the Universe by the Creator.


An original review of the consequences of the Golden Section on the creatures of nature and the Greek Thought.


When Paul Pissanos was 17 he developed the concept of an “Ancient City” which he called HEPTAPOLIS in 1984.

In the last 35 years he has been working as a painter and designer on the Pythagorean architectural concept of HEPTAPOLIS, which is based on Golden Section, Golden Number, Golden Proportion and Golden Symmetry.

He designed HEPTAPOLIS using modern architectural tools, through computers, complete with all its building complexes, ground plans, decorative elements and statues.

He also designed, through computers, Delphic Amphictyony, following the American commercial plans of Silicon Valley.

He designed the Chariot Races Arena of HEPTAPOLIS, the Heliport, the “Polis of the Golden Section” and AETHER MALL e-shop which is considered one of the most beautiful digital Malls in the world.

In the execution of all the above architectural projects, Paul Pissanos had the technical co-operation of 3D Environment Designer Alexander Zavalos and the scientific co-operation of the distinguished researcher of the Pythagorean Theories, mathematician Hippocrates Dacoglou.

For the idea of “HEPTAPOLIS ” Paul Pissanos was awarded by the International Union of Olympiads , by the Zhivkova International Foundation , received a medal from Poznan University of Poland, was anointed a Regular Member and received a Gold Medal from His Royal Highness Prince of Portugal Dom Miguel de Braganca of Portugal’s  Harmonia Universal ” Research Program, was anointed likewise a Maltese Knight , received a Medal from the Albert Schweitzer International Foundation , is an active member of the International Academy of Social Sciences in Florida, USA, was awarded the Medal of the Order of the Pearl of the House of Sulu and North Borneo , was proclaimed Good Will Ambassador by the Governor of the State of Tennessee of the United States.

Paul Pissanos’s work “From Aristotle to Hawking” was released in more than 100 countries as a book and documentary and was proposed by 10 University Professors and Academy Members of the World for the second time as a candidate for the Templeton International Prize 2011-2012.

After the publication of his book, “The Laws of the Universe” he was offered Academic support for the Nobel Prize in Literature 2014.

Honorary distinctions and medals for the creation of “ HEPTAPOLIS ” were also given to Paul Pissanos from the “Zivkova Foundation”, the University of Gottingen and many other Universities and Institutions of Europe, America and Asia.


New book: Alexander the Great and Aristotelis