In Athens on September 10, 2018, the NGO “HEPTAPOLIS – TRILOGIA” was established and was registered in GEMI on 10/9/2018 by CIS 1466067 and legalized by No. GEMI 147414501000 and AFM 996886065, DOU D ‘Athens.

The NGO “HEPTAPOLIS” includes the Creative Trilogy, consisting of three (3) Pillars:

  1. HEPTAPOLIS – International Green City

  2. DelphicAmphictyony Earth & Space


The NGO “HEPTAPOLIS” is a Developmental, Humanitarian, Volunteer, Cultural, Educational, Ecological, Innovative Research, Environment – Green Development and Energy, Non – Governmental Organization.

The purpose of “HEPTAPOLIS – TRILOGY” is to create:

1) Web site, with a 3D representation of each Trilogy project separately, with the specific terms and conditions that apply to it:


In its online form, the NGO Heptapolis will develop Letters, Arts and Sciences to their fullest extent, in many languages.

The distance learning program “Heptapolis AVATAR-e-learning” will revive all the Schools of Ancient Greek Letters, through which AVATAR techniques will be created, forms of ancient Greek philosophers of the classical acme, in faithful “virtual reality” and according to existing bibliographic historical data.

The “Philosophers themselves”, in AVATAR technique and virtual reality technique, will teach Philosophy and other theoretical and practical sciences training programs, so that classical Wisdom will “enter” the home of every citizen and student around the world, transmitting the ancient flame via a lively 3D avatar depicting the “high human ideals”, the – quantum – “common Greek language” and “Greek speculative philosophy”, at a time when it is absolutely necessary to refocus World Thought on ideals derived from sources of the Ancient Greek Intellectual Corpus.

The uniqueness of the project lies in the connection of avatar image and spoken Greek, in the virtual environment of the respective era, so that after the end of the lesson each student “has experienced the meaning of the lesson” with high philosophical convictions and not to forget any work, because the power of the image has a strong resonance, as a basic language of programming and response to brain synapses.

The NGO “HEPTAPOLIS – TRILOGY” will seek collaborations and synergies with Academic, Scientific, Domestic and Foreign Universities, Institutions, Organizations, Associations, Local Authorities, and other bodies serving similar purposes, in Letters, Arts and the Sciences, but also with citizens, who pursue the same goals.

It will hold Conferences and Seminars, lectures, seminars, cultural events and activities, as well as any legal action to promote its work, in the context of promoting and strengthening European orientation, the principles and values ​​of the ancient Greek spirit.

It will seek to submit proposals and applications to relevant Public and Private Agencies, Greek or European or foreign in general – to promote issues and events of cultural interest – concerning the general activities of HEPTAPOLIS.

It will seek to disseminate, undertake and carry out studies, research, artistic, scientific and educational projects, in cooperation with the members of “HEPTAPOLIS” and other national or foreign bodies.

Of fundamental importance is Volunteering to promote the goals and objectives of the NGO “Heptapolis”.

A volunteer at the Heptapolis NGO is one who has realized the global goals of Heptapolis, which relate to the service of Literature, Arts, Sciences and Technology and wishes to volunteer at the NGO.

A “Heptapolis Volunteer” can be a man or woman, over 18 years of age, proficient in English, fluent in computer use, not subject to criminal offenses (Penal Code).

A volunteer may also be a person under the age of 18, following the written consent of his or her parent, or another person exercising his or her guardianship or custody.

In cultural, educational, publishing, congressional and other collaborations, including the online activities of M.K.O “HEPTAPOLIS”, the following are detailed:

  • Writing scientific, philosophical and educational books and printing them for distribution in schools, universities and academic centers.

  • Finding rare books and manuscripts, especially of the Ancient Greek Corpus, and their availability online.

It is considered necessary to have a well-organized and coordinated advertising program that will promote, especially to Earth’s educational and cultural institutions, the grandeur of classical Knowledge, as well as the co-creation and empowerment of the world’s intellectual forces in the HEPTAPOLIS Trilogy, which will constitute friendship, solidarity and harmonious relations between the leaders of the states and peoples of the world.

The ad campaign will be about appearances:

Great blogs on the Internet in America, Europe, Russia, China, the Asian States and the African States.

* View 3D video presentations of “HEPTAPOLIS”, “Delphic Amphictyony” and “City of the Golden Section” and the distance learning program “Heptapolis AVATAR-e-learning”, with photographic material and captions actively capturing the message of the unification of peoples in the cities of Knowledge, communication and humanity. Screening will be via the internet, through personal interviews, through press-conferences with representatives of the international press, television, radio and pay-TV channels.

* The promotion of Heptapolis AVATAR-e-learning and any future educational activities of the NGO “HEPTAPOLIS” will also take place through online communication with Universities, Academies and all educational institutions and institutes in the world, which will be constantly updated with special video-spots on the progress of the work of “HEPTAPOLIS – TRILOGY”, for each new School in the Heptapolis AVATAR-e-learning distance learning program and on the general activities, presentations and events that will take place .

* Printing of special brochures and information leaflets for the areas of activity of “HEPTAPOLIS – TRILOGY”.

The wider program of OLYMPUS Association and the NGO “HEPTAPOLIS” includes

2) the construction of each Trilogy project separately, over an area of ​​many thousands of acres, in Greek territory, in the wider area of ​​the Municipality of Delphi and with an alternative perspective, in case of sudden problems, elsewhere in Greece or abroad; in the event of any denial or obstruction of Local Government, the Region or the State.