Chariotdrome Sponsors

Chariotdrome Sponsors

Within the revival of the Spirit of the Ancient Olympics and adherence to the “Olympic Ideal”, developed in the Classical Greek world, especially during the 5th Century B.C., scholars of the HEPTAPOLIS compiled a monthly program and annual chariot race, with professional chariots and charioteers within an original standard racing field, the “CHARIOTDROME of HEPTAPOLIS”, on the south side of the Polis.

The CHARIOTDROME with a capacity of up to 70.000 spectators with the provision of infrastructure works for guest accommodation, with an organized stud farm, a training department for the charioteers, a chariot construction department, a section for storage of chariots with a museum in which prizes will be stored, wreaths and winning floats, with dormitories and residence houses for the permanent charioteers and trainers, the Chariotdrome will be a modern “standard of fan behavior” for the smooth conduct of any form of contest, inside racing stadiums with large numbers of spectators.

The Chariotdrome has marble bleachers, grandstands for officials to be honored with their presence at the games, special “DONOR STANDS” for those that helped to build the stadium, and the Sponsors of the future that will finance part or all of the cost of each chariot.

In higher stands of the stadium, the facilities will belong to the Sponsors Gallery whose spaces will belong to the sponsors.

The names of the Sponsors will be listed in the HEPTAPOLIS website on a dedicated page, while the Grand, the Golden and Silver Sponsor will appear on engraved marble slabs.

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