Lessons of Classical Sociology

Supervision – Course Attendance: Paul Pissanos
Imagine a man outside of time, because eternity is for him a static moment. Outside Evolution, because evolution does not exist for him, since he has realized complete physical perfection. Out of Age, because man equals soul for him! And the soul is Unborn and Eternal. Out of the System, because the System is for him the “set trap” of the “Few Big Ones”, to reap the produced work of the “Many Small Ones” and to raise their shares daily in the stock exchanges and banks of the world. They are without a name. Separated from the Total, it is happy in its autonomous Unit. He has isolated his five senses and dominated the sixth, with which He lives outside “the many”. He believes in Humanism, but not in ordinary man. He believes in progress, but not in “progressives”. Is, after all, the citizen Anonymous?

Complete the course successfully and obtain the Certificate of Attendance from ACTA Technovlastos Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, upon expression of interest.

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